Vtesse ROADM Network

When deploying new IT infrastructure, sometimes the network upgrade gets forgotten and while the target date for placing orders with network providers slip, customers’ go-live dates don’t. That’s why you need a network provider who can respond rapidly and deliver networks against very tight timescales. And with our new ROADM Network, we can now provide the fastest standard lead-times in the industry.

Already widely deployed in the USA, Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexers (ROADM) represent the next generation of high capacity DWDM networks. Utilising Tellabs® 7100 Nano™ Optical Transport System, Vtesse is one of the first carriers in the UK to deploy ROADM networks extensively.

Benefits of our High-Bandwidth ROADM Network

The UK’s Fastest High Bandwidth Lead-times
One of the key features of ROADM technology is that it removes the need to dispatch engineers to intermediate network nodes to configure equipment when new services are required.

Where cards are available in the ROADM equipment at the two customer sites, new services can be built in minutes remotely by the Vtesse Network Operations Centre and even when cards need to be installed, much faster installation lead-times can be provided as standard due to the reduction in planning and engineering works. As a result, Vtesse is now offering customers new service lead-times at 10Gbps in just 5 working days – much faster than the industry standard of 40 working days.

Vtesse ROADM Lead-times

High Bandwidth Service Target Lead-time (working days) Outside M25 and Slough Target Lead-time (working days) Inside M25 and Slough
1GbE 5 5
2G Fibre Channel 5 5
4G Fibre Channel 25 25
8G Fibre Channel 25 25
10G Fibre Channel 25 25
10GbE 5 5
10Gbps (SDH) 5 5
10Gbps (OTN) 5 5
100GbE Available on Request Available on Request
Lead-times are applicable between existing ROADM Nodes for forecasted orders.

Higher Network Availability

Provisioning via remote software configuration rather than manual installation by engineers at intermediate nodes reduces the risk of inadvertent service disruption during installation. Experience of ROADM networks in the USA is already showing customers get higher availability on ROADM networks than on traditional DWDM networks.

No Charges for Protocol Changes

With the convergence of the SAN and LAN in the data centre there is considerable debate about which technology direction will dominate. Some believe Fibre Channel will extend well beyond 10Gbps as equipment is already available for 16Gbps, while for others Ethernet will be the dominant delivery mechanism of the future with Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).

With our ROADM technology, we can easily switch services between these different protocols at the same speed. We’ve therefore decided to help our customers de-risk the future and avoid “rip and replace costs” by not charging you if you wish to change protocols at the same speed, be it 1GbE to 1Gbps Fibre Channel or 10Gbps Fibre Channel to 10Gbps OTN.

Find out more

Vtesse’s ROADM Network is growing every month as we deploy new nodes across the UK at key data centre locations. To find out more contact us today on 0800 644 8678 or click here. You can also read our CTO’s Blog on the subject.