Private Data Centre Suites

Private suites in commercial data centres traditionally offer customers the opportunity to specify the build of their data space as they would in their own private facilities. Customers benefit from the customisation normally available only in their own private facility – a environment that exactly meets their business needs – but with the added benefit of sharing some of the set-up and running costs with other customers in the facility.

Bespoke Data Centre space

Up to now, most suppliers have only offered this kind of customisation for suites starting at 1000 sq ft or greater. Yet it is our experience is that customers with a smaller footprint have similar needs and still want to specify many of the features of their data centre space.

We’ve decided to meet this customer need by offering private suites starting at just 250 sq ft with a range of customisable options that means you can align your data centre infrastructure to your business objectives, in terms of performance and reliability. We recognise that many of our customers have their own data centre expertise in-house or use preferred consultants so we’ll look to listen to your insights and experiences and hopefully provide some of our own, then agree with you a customised solution that you are completely satisfied with.