IPVPN Services

You need a secure, flexible and reliable network to carry your voice, data and video – and the new generation of IPVPN networks allow you to consolidate disparate voice and data networks in a single high performance IP network. With over 10 years’ experience in data networking, Vtesse is ideally placed to support your transition to an IPVPN.

If you take the Fully Managed option we will provide maintenance, operation and in-life monitoring of a managed router on each customer site, together with the initial design, configuration and implementation.

Organisations who want to re-use existing equipment or who simply want to retain responsibility for operating and managing their own routers on site can benefit from our “Wires Only” option. With this option we provide the network capacity and CoS (Class of Service) over the network (up to 6 CoS for wires-only customers) whilst the IP addressing, supply, design and management of the routers on each site remains under your control.