With data centre to data centre traffic volumes predicted to explode over the next 5 years, data centre customers are struggling to adapt to the ever-changing demand for services.

For data centre networks, up until now the problem has been that conventional WDM systems can take a long time to implement and making fundamental changes to network designs requires extensive re-engineering on-site. The charges for doing so has often made it cost-prohibitive for customers to adapt their data centre networks to meet changes in demand, business need and technology. This lack of flexibility in turns slows business innovation and growth.

Introducing Optical Flex

Vtesse’s new Optical Flex service has been designed to meet the needs of data centre providers, system integrators and their Enterprise customers.

Order high bandwidth optical capacity on our ROADM network and we will offer unlimited shifts of the circuit to other ROADM data centre locations and we won’t ask you to sign a new contract. There is simply an affordable one-time charge each time you shift a circuit and what’s more, if you need to change the protocol of the service, say from Fibre Channel to Ethernet, we’ll make that change for you too at no additional charge.

Future Proof your Network

It’s difficult to predict the future, and the pace of technological change is accelerating making it even harder to plan for success. If your bandwidth needs change, you decide to move or close data centres mid-contract or update your network storage strategy, there can be expensive implications.

With Optical Flex, you can de-risk the future by having available the ability to change your bandwidth configurations, locations or protocols with minimum one-time costs and no contract extensions. All of this is achievable in 15 working days.

Enabling Project Based Innovation and Change

If you are using cloud services, one of the key benefits is the availability of IT infrastructure "on-demand" and also on a temporary basis. You may require additional data centre network capacity while performing upgrades or to support a piece of development. Maybe you want to experiment with hybrid cloud services and move services into the cloud and back again.

At present, long-leads and inflexible contract terms mean the network doesn’t support this kind of flexibility. Optical Flex supports innovation and change by allowing you to move around capacity to meet short-term requirements, then move it back again once the project has been completed.

The Ultimate in Network Disaster Recovery

The "smoking hole" scenario where you lose a major part of your data centre infrastructure happens very rarely and you probably have redundancy options for this scenario, but wouldn’t be good if you could re-build that redundancy back-up quickly rather than suffer months of risk surviving on your remaining back-up systems. We can move multiple gigabits of network from your incapacitated site to a new data centre in just 15 working days, allowing you to get back up and running quickly..

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  • 1GbE or 10Gbps capacity – Fibre Channel, OTN or Ethernet.
  • Rapid provisioning – 15 working days.
  • Shift circuits to another ROADM location as many times as you like during contract – in just 15 working days with no extension of contract required.
  • Single low one-time move charge.
  • Change protocols for free at same speed: Fibre Channel to Ethernet; OTN to Ethernet.
  • Includes many major London/M25 data centres and growing every month.


  • Future-proof your network: reduce risk of spiralling costs if your needs change mid-contract.
  • Make your business more agile and achieve competitive advantage by flexing your data centre network to meet your business demands.
  • Improve your network disaster recovery: rapidly re-configure your data network to get a new site back up and running in 15 working days.
  • Avoid additional costs and reduced bargaining power when your procurement cycles get of sync.

We don’t charge a premium price for circuits available with Optical Flex so there is no down-side if you never use the flexibility. If it costs no more to have it, why not take it anyway just in case! For more information about our new Optical Flex service download the datasheet and our Data Centre Connectivity White Paper or contact us today for availability and pricing information.

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