System Integrators

The exploding demand for cloud-based services and data storage has increased the importance of Wide Area Network (WAN) services as a means of providing end-users with cloud and data centre connectivity.

For many customers, access to the cloud via the internet does not provide the security or reliability to support mission-critical applications. So private networks are the only way to guarantee reliability and security.

Network reliability is particularly critical as customers move applications into the cloud and cannot tolerate downtime for day-to-day business applications.

This is an increasingly competitive market as existing and new entrants target medium and large enterprises. And with the cloud model, upfront investment is often required so system integrators and cloud service providers need their suppliers to be able to take investment risks to support them in newly emerging markets.

For system integrators therefore, finding the right telecoms provider that will work alongside them to support their cloud and data centre propositions is vital.

How we can help

We have over 10 years’ experience working closely in partnership with some of the leading global and UK system integrators such as Atos Origin, HP, IBM, Logicalis and Steria.

  • Whether you want to design and build bespoke private networks for specific customer opportunities or create your own backbone network to support multiple customers, Vtesse can design and build a network that meets your exact needs.
  • We know that we can be most successful by focusing on what we do best – which is providing reliable high capacity network connectivity – rather than trying to do everything ourselves. That’s why you’re unlikely to find yourself in competition with Vtesse when responding to customers’ bids.
  • Often our customers want answers yesterday and responding first may be the difference between winning and losing: that’s why, where other suppliers quote two-week lead-times for pricing turnaround, we typically turn quotes around in 48 hours or less. And our business is agile and responsive: there aren’t layers of bureaucracy to go through to secure a decision: our senior management is hands-on and available to speak to customers.

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