Large Enterprise

When network downtime causes huge disruption, the consequential losses can run into millions of pounds.

That’s why it’s vital that you select your network provider carefully: and choose one with true experience and that understands how to design, build and operate mission-critical networks, whether for storage, disaster recovery or inter-site communications.

Vtesse provides metropolitan and Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions to some of the largest companies in the world – both directly and via leading global system integrators. Our people are experts in the field with many years of industry experience. This has allowed us, over the last 10 years, to build up a reputation for providing the most reliable high performance network solutions in the market.

  • Responsive: We understand our customers’ pressing deadlines and the need to design, build and install networks quickly to meet emerging business requirements. Unlike some of our larger competitors, we don’t have layers of bureaucracy to slow the decision-making process. All our people are empowered to respond to customers quickly, and we make sure our senior management team can always be contacted too.
  • Flexible: Vtesse will work with you to understand your exact requirements and deliver a tailor-made solution to meet your needs. This may be a wholly private optical network that is used only by you; or a national optical or IPVPN network solution that traverses our optical backbone network. Whatever the brief, we’ll design a network to fulfil your specific performance, latency and resiliency requirements.
  • Reliable: We’re happy to report what our customers frequently tell us: that, compared with other network suppliers, Vtesse consistently achieves the highest levels of reliability. We started out delivering services to financial services customers with the most stringent service availability demands. As a result, our culture, people and processes are all optimised to deliver industry-leading levels of service.