Businesses everywhere, and in every sector, are making more and more demands on IT services for many reasons: to win new business, to improve customer relationships or to increase employee productivity.

Yet in times of economic uncertainty the pressure is on to reduce costs and achieve more performance without significant outlay. So, when updating inter-site networks, businesses are looking for innovative, cost-effective solutions to deliver greater speed and performance.

Vtesse pioneered the extension of Ethernet connectivity from the LAN into national networks long before many of our competitors. Today we deliver state-of-the-art corporate networks – Ethernet or IPVPN – over our UK national network. We know that network reliability is of paramount importance and we have the culture, people and processes to ensure high levels of network performance. And with a range of access providers in place, we can ensure the best technical solution to meet your needs – be it ADSL, Ethernet First Mile (EFM) or fibre-based services – cost-effectively.

If you’re seeking to:

  • consolidate server infrastructure;
  • update storage or disaster recovery networks;
  • or take advantage of cloud services,

Vtesse has direct redundant connectivity into many of the UK’s leading data centres, including 25 in London.

For more information regarding Vtesse’s solutions for Enterprise, please contact us.