Carriers and Resellers

The wholesale market for networks in the UK is very competitive and there is a range of service providers. When selecting a carrier to provide backbone or access services, you need to be assured that your chosen carrier can provide responsiveness, price competitiveness and high service quality, and is investing in the latest technological innovation to deliver the best technical solutions.

How we can help

  • We own and operate one of the UK’s largest fibre-optic networks which passes through every major town and city on the UK mainland. Because we have developed a fibre-optic network via all of the major UK dark fibre providers we already have the commercial relationships and physical fibre interconnects in place to meet new network diversity and latency requirements quickly by deploying new routes.
  • We have points of presence in data centres across the UK including 25 London data centres, and interconnects in place with every major UK carrier.
  • We specialise in providing high capacity optical services for demanding customers, often as a sub-contractor to a lead supplier. We also supply Ethernet connectivity nationwide, IPVPN and IP Transit.
  • We aim to be highly responsive to our carrier customers’ needs and to respond quickly to pricing requests, without the delays found in larger carriers that are down to layers of bureaucracy and inefficient processes.
  • Due to our heritage providing high capacity services to the demanding financial services sector, we have developed a capability to deliver very reliable services across our UK footprint and our customers often tell us we are their most reliable carrier provider.
  • And as we are at the forefront of introducing the latest ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexers) technology into our network, we believe we can deliver high capacity optical services faster and more reliably than carriers using traditional DWDM networks, providing real competitive advantage to our carrier customers.
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