Custom power options

The leading cause of data centre downtime is failure of the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply). In London, there have already been a number of high profile failures of data centre power systems in the last year. Most UK data centres provide N+1 power which means in the event that the national grid fails, power is replaced using a single linked resilient UPS system – itself still vulnerable to catastrophic failure.

Vtesse has recognised that given the mission critical nature of some customer applications N+1 may not always be enough. That’s why our Hoddesdon facility has been upgraded to provide optional 2N redundancy for both power and cooling. 2N distribution from the national grid is available in the form of diverse feeds from two substations. Critically in contrast to N+1 providers we have installed concurrently maintainable power infrastructure so that in the event that power distribution or switching gear fails, or the UPS system suffers significant failure, a second completely stand alone power system is available to take up the load. For customers taking private suites, we can offer a range of custom options including full 2N power redundancy either as shared infrastructure or dedicated plant so you can tailor your power infrastructure to reflect the specific business requirements.

Power Features

  • 2N diverse feeds from two different electricity sub-stations: 2 x 11kV, 5MVA.
  • N+1 or 2N options in suites – shared or dedicated plant.
  • N+1 or 2N Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
  • N+1 or 2N diesel generator supply.
  • 2N concurrently maintainable power distribution and switching gear.
  • Generator fuel capacity at full load –  72 hours on site storage
  • High density hosting: 5kW to 30kW per rack.
  • Metered billing at individual racks based on actual usage not “take or pay”.
  • Building Management System (BMS) –  mechanical & electrical operation.