Customer profile

This leading finance company is in the top five within its sector of the industry and manages over £10 billion of assets for its clients. Over the last five years, it has successfully outperformed most of its competitors and it puts this achievement down to what it describes as a “structured, disciplined, risk controlled approach”.

Business requirements

The company strategy is to protect its clients and its reputation with a Business Continuity structure that exceeds regulatory requirements. This meant going beyond just providing disaster recovery back-up for its data centre. It required the development of procedures for the whole company that enable it to continue effective operation in the event of a catastrophe at its primary IT centre.

The challenge

The central requirement was to establish an optical network between data centre and back-up site across which data could be synchronously replicated (and which would house staff in the event of a disaster). On the one hand, corporate standards required the back-up location to be far enough away to insulate it from any chemical or biological attack. On the other hand, the maximum latency allowable for SRDF replication on their EMC storage dictated that route distance be kept to a minimum. It should also not be subject to variation from circuit switching.

The service was implemented via a 65km private fibre network built by Vtesse and overlaid with wave division multiplexing technology supporting multiple Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet links.

The benefits

  • Low Latency – a single point to point link at the speed of light in glass. None of the overheads of an SDH infrastructure.
  • Consistent Latency – no intermediate switching; fixed latency warranted in an SLA.
  • Scalability – upgradeable in days – by tens of gigabits per second.
  • Control – clear end-to-end visibility over a known and dedicated route.
  • Value – saves money over expensive tariff based services.
  • Manageability – all traffic (in this case Fibre Channel and Ethernet) in native Format. No wide area protocols and equipment to support.
  • Diversity – Vtesse Networks can guarantee true diversity over every route metre for future upgrades.