Key Features

  • Dedicated 1250 sq ft data centre space at Tier III+ facility.
  • Energy efficient operation modes.
  • Biometric security and dedicated suite CCTV.
  • Secure dedicated plant room, with customer control of suite access for maintenance actions.
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The challenge

As a leading provider of network based end-to-end managed services, technology and infrastructure solutions, Redstone can meet all of an organisation’s IT requirements, simplifying the procurement process as well as offering a single point of accountability.  The company also has long-standing expertise in the design and implementation of major data centre facilities across a range of industry sectors, including for some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Working to a strict set of requirements and on an aggressive timescale dictated by an imminent product launch, Redstone needed a highly customised data centre environment to support its innovative new cloud services portfolio.  Redstone was in search of a facility that could provide greater resilience as well as a secure home for its customers’ mission critical services.

Given the rate of expansion of its cloud offerings and the increasingly green regulatory climate organisations must now operate in, Redstone also specified the need for a high density, energy efficient environment (ideally 10kW per rack) with high resiliency (Tier III+), which would afford the company the ability to grow in line with its customer base.

Additionally, Redstone planned to use the new premises as a showcase facility for both existing and prospective customers.  By allowing customers to visit the new data centre suite, the company could demonstrate the very latest technologies in action, while also highlighting Redstone’s in-depth technical expertise.

The Vtesse Cirrus solution

Following a competitive tendering process, Vtesse Cirrus was able to demonstrate that it could meet Redstone’s exacting requirements and the timescales in which the new facility had to be delivered.

Capitalising on both Redstone and Vtesse Cirrus’ extensive knowledge of the data centre industry with a collaborative design process, Vtesse Cirrus built 1250 sq ft of data centre space from the ground up at its Hertfordshire data centre facility.  The entire process – from specification to deployment – took place in just 12 weeks.

Completed on-time and to budget, the customised nature of the facility delivers energy savings by matching plant capacity to user load, ensuring that variations in user demand can be easily accommodated, while modules can be added or removed as per customer demand.  Further energy savings will be realised by Vtesse’s efficient free cooling techniques.  Vtesse Cirrus was also able to ensure Redstone benefitted from a dedicated 2N Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) – a higher specification than the standard N+1 set up deployed at many traditional data centres.

Built to meet the strict regulations set out by the Financial Services Authority, as well as comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), Redstone’s new data centre suite also includes Redstone’s own biometric security system, which integrates with the company’s OneCard platform, and  allows authorised Redstone personnel single card access to any facility within the organisation.

Solution Benefits

Supported by the high density, redundant power environment offered by Vtesse Cirrus’ Hertfordshire facility, Redstone’s customers not only benefit as they move into the cloud, but the company can use this impressive operations suite to demonstrate the effectiveness of its business first-hand.

With PUE target (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.5, Redstone will benefit from substantially lower electricity bills than at other legacy data centres and the environment will benefit from a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

Our customers require nothing less than full service availability from their own IT infrastructure, so providing reliable, resilient services is a critical part of our business mission – especially where the cloud is concerned.  Having designed and built secure data centres for a range of customers for more than 15 years, we also required a facility that would enable us to demonstrate our extensive capabilities to both present and future clients.  Our Hertfordshire facility affords us exactly this kind of professional environment, allowing visitors to see just some of what is achievable by working with Redstone and our technology partners.Matt Salter, project delivery director at Redstone