This policy applies to high speed internet access services provided by Vtesse and are supplemental to the Framework Agreement and should be read in conjunction with that agreement. They can also be found in the Appendix: Additional terms for high speed internet access.

Customer will at all times comply with the Vtesse acceptable use policy which may be amended at any time without prior notification. The policy does not intend to restrict any Customer activities but is in place to protect the Vtesse network, our customers and the internet from illegal or damaging activity.  Failure to comply with the acceptable use policy may result in an immediate suspension or termination of Customer services although Vtesse will normally aim to provide warnings of any violation prior to a suspension of service.

Prohibited Activities

The service will only be used for lawful activities. They may not be used:

  • in any way that breaches applicable local, national or international laws
  • to transmit content which is illegal; or infringes copyright, trademark, trade secret or intellectual property without proper authorisation.
  • to transmit computer programs or material such as Viruses, Trojans,Worms, Adware, Spyware, and Keyloggers which may cause harm to computer systems.
  • for the transport of unsolicited email SPAM or denial of service attacks
  • for any violation not specifically listed at the sole discretion of Vtesse.

The service must not be used to cause harm to the operation of the Vtesse network or the internet. Customers must not:

  • intentionally advertise origination of IP address space  which is not registered to them or is reserved by the IANA
  • intentionally advertise corrupt or incorrect routing information
  • intentionally corrupt or provide incorrect DNS information
  • alter source IP addresses or headers to attempt to conceal or falsify a users identity.
  • attempt, or allow the cyber-attack of Vtesse network equipment
  • run, or allow port scanners to be run without the prior written permission of the owner of the target system.
  • any other action to harm the Vtesse network not specifically listed at the sole discretion of Vtesse.

Vtesse reserve the right to deploy systems and devices to control and/or filter Customer traffic if it violates this policy.

Vtesse will disclose Customer identity information when co-operating with law enforcement agencies and other parties in the investigation of illegal activity. Vtesse may collect traffic information which may be used in our general business and/or passed to law enforcement agencies when requested to assist their investigations.